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Our Story

Our brains are wired for storytelling and respond well to the basic causal structure of stories. When you share your unique yet identifiable qualities with prospective clients, people are more likely to trust you and are more likely to choose you to represent them in their apartment search.

They enrich their extensive knowledge of the market with playful explanations to provide website visitors with a pleasant apartment-hunting experience.


Our vision is to be a realty major in India chosen for its ethical, sustainable & customer centric business practices.


We would offer only real estate properties which can improve our customer's lifestyle aspirations substantially.

Our Expert Team

Let our team advise you and receive expert advice and recommendations for investors, property developers, builders and investment banks.

Venkata rao Matsha

Managing Partner

Rajesh Mullapudi

Managing Partner

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

The best service is provided by our team in the industry.